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Workshop on motivational interviewing

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Workshop on motivational interviewing

The Chair in Medical Education is actively involved in developing and disseminating interactive courses and hands-on counselling workshops. 


To equip future physicians with the skills to help patients through the process of changing health behaviours, motivational interviewing is one of the approaches taught to clinical clerks in community medicine. Motivational interviewing is "a client-centered, directive method for enhancing intrinsic motivation to change by exploring and resolving ambivalence."  Miller and Rollnick.

Simulation de l'entretien motivationnel avec un patient acteur

Training includes theoretical instruction and a practical session.

The theoretical component involves interactive teaching (exercises, video excerpts and role playing), and makes students aware of professionals' attitudes likely to slow a patient's process of change to adopt healthy behaviours. Concrete strategies such as active listening and collaborative information sharing are taught. 

The practical session involves simulated interviews with patient-actors. 

For more information, see the poster.

Workshop developers and facilitators:

Andrée Gilbert, Director of Education, Chair in Medical Education
Patrick Berthiaume, Vice-President,  Association francophone de diffusion de l'entretien motivationnel

For more information on motivational interviewing, visit the Web site of the Association francophone de diffusion de l'entretien motivationnel: