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De l’enfance à la vieillesse : Soigner pour prévenir

This 440–page publication looks at the main prevention challenges from childhood to old age, and daily actions that a physician can take to prevent diseases and limit their complications. Many tables and figures illustrate 316 key concepts centred around issues linked to lifestyle habits, chronic diseases, infectious diseases, occupational health, environmental health and health care organization.

The only textbook on preventive medicine in French that is adapted to Québec, De l’enfance à la vieillesse : Soigner pour prévenir (From childhood to old age: Health care for prevention) is intended for physicians in training, clinicians and public health professionals.

Developed by Dr. Brigitte Maheux, Chairholder, and Dr. Andrée Gilbert, the Chair's Director of Education, this book is the result of a collaborative process involving almost 30 writers and editors from a variety of disciplines.

ISBN 978-2-9811540-0-2

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Pour que les médecins aient la prévention à coeur : La contribution du stage d’externat en médecine communautaire

The goal of this publication is to promote the clinical clerkship in community medicine to professors and program directors in the Faculty of medicine, and to anyone else interested in medical training. The document lists the learning objectives, people involved, and means taken to ensure that doctors who graduate from Université de Montréal take prevention to heart.

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 Publication externat en médecine communautaire