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Chaire d'Enseignement Lucie et André Chagnon
sur l'approche intégrée en prévention (CELAC)

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Espace Prévention - Dernier numéro
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The importance of prevention in health no longer needs to be demonstrated. Today, most common diseases are closely linked to lifestyle habits.

As such, the Chair in Medical Education's mission is to help train physicians who are eager to do their share to ensure patients stay healthy as long as possible, and who are open to interprofessional collaboration that involves nurses, physicians and pharmacists working together to provide optimal preventive care.

The Chair offers expertise and pedagogical support for individuals in charge of clinical education programs to ensure they are better equipped to help students acquire essential prevention skills. Three areas are targeted: lifestyle counselling, early disease detection, and education for patients related to their health problems.
The Chair's achievements in research and education make it a resource within Université de Montréal and, more broadly, a reference in preventive medical education in Québec and elsewhere.

The following diagram illustrates the Chair in Medical Education’s four areas of intervention (PDF)